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1Wide range of products, widely used

Professional production of various single-sided

The company has a fixed production team with many years of experience in circuit board production. It has international advanced technology equipment and rich management experience, including: data CAD/CAM processing, production of film light painting processing, automatic circuit board printing production line, complete Surface treatment, finished product molding, electrical testing and complete quality inspection processing systems and equipment. Since the establishment of the company, with its own strength, customers have spread all over the country.

2Continuous innovation, leading technology

Personalized design according to needs

The technical team provides PCB manufacturability recommendations for prototype products in the design phase.
10+ core technicians have more than 10 years of experience and are proficient in industry standards and process quality.
Work closely with a number of universities and R&D institutions to develop manufacturing technologies for special PCB boards.
Introduce high-precision equipment in the PCB industry year by year to ensure excellent PCB process capability

3Years of experience and complete equipment.

Quality assurance and after sales service

High quality raw materials
- Plate: Rogers, Arlon, Shengyi
- Potion: Rohm Haas, Atotech, Cerambus
-Ink: Taiyo
- dry film: Hitachi
Rigorous quality control system
- Control and control the finished product shipment rate according to IPC standards.
- Perform PDCA processes to continuously improve quality and product performance.
4Customer first, service first class

7 * 24 hours telephone service support

The marketing team provides fast and quality pre-sales and after-sales services.
Integrate supply chain resources to reduce costs and provide customers with competitive prices.
Quickly respond to quote requests and provide a detailed list of quotations (material, processing, engineering, etc.).
Process the PCB design data to ensure that customers can review and confirm at the first time.

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Shenzhen Youlianxin Electronice Co., Ltd

Wuhan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, inception always uphold the "innovation + speed" concept, and actively promote the company's first "one-stop service to create a complete home with" home new ideas. After several years of planning and development, point green decorative gradually showing a sharp edge, by virtue of its sheer size, the new business philosophy and ...


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